Here’s what my students and I have been up to recently:

6/27/17: Attended IDC 2017 at Stanford University, participating in the workshop on Equity and Inclusivity. 

6/25/17: The ACM Future of Computing Academy met in San Francisco after the culmination of the ACM 50 Turing Award event, charting our paths forward!

6/12/17 & 6/13/17: Gave two presentations at ACM DIS 2017, presenting work co-authored with the incredible Aditya Vashistha and Aditya Vishwanath. 

5/24/17: Gave two talks at the Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide (PPDD 2017) conference in sunny San Diego. One was a plenary talk titled “Doing HCI4D: Dispelling Myths, Discovering Pathways, Developing Together” and the other was a research talk titled “Imagining Feminist Futures and the Case of the Panic Button”.

5/12/17: CHI was exhausting but fun! We got two Best Paper Honorable Mentions. All talks were amazingly delivered. Proud of the team!

5/6/17: Chaired the HCI Across Borders symposium at CHI 2017. We had 90 attendees from 20 different countries! It was a phenomenal experience!

4/24/17: Big day again! Aditya Vishwanath got Outstanding Junior/Rising Senior award from the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. Samyukta Sherugar got the Marshall Williamson fellowship for best student in MS-HCI. I also received an award this once — the Lockheed Inspirational Young Faculty award. Now I can hang with the cool kids in my lab!

4/21/17: Brand new member of the ACM Future of Computing Academy!

4/17/17: Aditya’s work is featured on the Techwalla blog!

3/13/17: Another big day for the TanDEm lab.We received three DIS 2017 acceptances. Big congratulations to  Aditya Vishwanath and Rui Zhou! 

3/3/17: Naveena Karusala has been accepted into the very coveted Ph.D. programs at UW CSE, University of Michigan’s School of Information, Cornell University, UC Irvine, and – of course – Georgia Tech. If it weren’t the obviously better decision for her personal growth to leave, we’d keep her here without a doubt! We’ll miss you, Naveena!

2/28/17: Big day for the TanDEm lab! Mehrab Bin Morshed presented our paper titled “When the Internet Goes Down in Bangladesh” at CSCW 2017. This was our first Ph.D.-student-presentation. 

2/13/17: Back at Cal, I gave a guest lecture to budding ICTDers. 

1/19/17: Our submission for the Imagining Intersectional Futures workshop at CSCW 2017 was accepted! “Taking a Feminist Approach to Feminist Futures” by Naveena Karusala, Michael Muller, and myself. (Excited to have written with Michael Muller, whose work I have always admired!)

1/18/17: And Michaelanne Dye receives the very prestigious MSR PhD Fellowship! A big day for us all!

12/11/16: A big day for the TanDEm lab.We received five CHI 2017 acceptances. Big congratulations to  Rui Zhou, Michaelanne Dye, Naveena Karusala, Jasmine Hentschel, and Samyukta Sherugar! 

11/30/16: Aditya Vishwanath’s work on VR in classrooms in Mumbai (from summer 2016) was written about here.

10/26/16: My students Samyukta Sherugar and Michaelanne Dye were honored at the Foley Scholars Dinner today. Sam won GVU Distinguished Master’s student, while Michaelanne was an honorable finalist. I was a proud advisor. 

9/21/16: Very proud of my students for putting so much hard work into their CHI submissions. 

9/6/16: Congratulations to advisees Mehrab Bin Morshed and Michaelanne Dye (and Ishtiaque Ahmed) on our paper acceptance for CSCW 2017.

7/16/16: Congratulations to two of my advisees – Samyukta Sherugar and Michaelanne Dye – who are finalists for the GVU Distinguished Master’s Student and the Foley Scholar Award! Also big congratulations to Marisol Villacres for receiving the Microsoft Women’s fellowship and to Aditya Vishwanath for receiving the PURA fellowship. 

6/9/16: Attended the LIMITS 2016 workshop at UC Irvine. Presented our paper on Computing Beyond Gender-Based Limits.

6/3/16-6/6/16: Had a full paper – Mobile Media Dissemination for Community Health (presented by the phenomenal Aditya Vashistha) – and note – Addressing Patient Waiting Times in Low-Resource Environments – at the conference. Also organized an open-session on Targeting Sustainable Development Goal #5 Towards Gender Equality at ICTD 2016.

5/27/16: It was fun working on the CSCW 2017 deadline with four of my students. Fingers crossed!

5/10/16: Co-presented at CHI 2016 with Nicki Dell our paper titled The Ins and Outs of HCI for Development. This paper received Best Paper Honorable Mention.

5/7/16-5/8/16: Co-chaired the Development Consortium at CHI 2016 with the inimitable Dr. Susan Dray. We had 75+ attendees from 20+ countries. Our workshop was titled HCI Across Borders.

5/6/16: Helped organize International Research Day at Google and Facebook with Nithya Sambasivan and Shaddi Hasan. We had about 60 attendees from 20+ countries.

5/5/16: My students Michaelanne Dye (co-advisee with Dr. Amy Bruckman) and Mehrab Bin Morshed gave talks at Google to their Internet Access team, talking about their own internet access  research in Cuba and Bangladesh.

4/26/16: Gave an invited talk about my research – titled Projecting Health: Community-Led Video Education for Maternal Health – at the School of Information at UC Berkeley. How lovely to be back at the alma mater!

4/21/16: Gave an invited talk about my research – titled ICTD, Projecting Health, etc. – at INTA Hour to an audience of students at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at Georgia Tech.

4/20/16: Proud to be working with Aditi Dhar who was just awarded the Donald V. Jackson Fellowship given to one outstanding MS-HCI student by the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. Well-deserved!

4/18/16: My PhD student Rui Zhou has been selected as fellow in the Serve-Learn-Sustain Food, Energy, Water Systems Fellows Program at Georgia Tech for the Fall 2016 semester. This will mean engagement with various actors (e.g. CDC, Carter Center, etc.) on the topic of sustainability of food, energy, and water systems.

4/14/16: The Serve-Learn-Sustain team at Georgia Tech just published a write-up on Samyukta Sherugar as part of their Humans of SLS project. Sam is doing research supported by a Public Service Pathway grant I received (at Tech) to examine the feasibility and potential utility of mobile technologies for knowledge sharing among outreach workers at GSNP+ – an organization working with the vulnerable population of PLHIV in Gujarat (India).

4/8/16: Four teams from Technology & Poverty this Spring made it to the final 12 of the Ideas2Serve competition, to be held on 4/8/16: Rui Zhou, Jasmine Hentschel, Tanisha Wagh, and Samyukta Sherugar with EatingRight, Aditya Vishwanath, Arkadeep Kumar, and Aman Mangal with Online Learning Community (OLC), Aditi Dhar, Jai Dayal, and Niharika Tiwari with BeSafe, Upol Ehsan, Vincent Beque, Thomas Bouchet, and Mamoun Drissi with Shocheton. EatingRight won Best Poster and second place. Shocheton and BeSafe came third with Honorable Mentions.